The coffee-table book Swedish Fetish was not born as a project...

Andrea Belluso was talking one day to a friend of his, over a cup of coffee, about this and that. The subject of super heroes popped-up and Andrea Belluso commented on the costumes of most of the super heroes. His friend, Katarina Hodges, commented that the shiny suits of the super heroes were actually made of latex, something that Andrea had never thought about. The two decided to go in the studio and start shooting for fun, once Katarina mentioned that she had a wardrobe full of latex clothes. Andrea's point of view was mainly to see how to handle in a totally different way a subject often considered vulgar and obscene, fetish.

After shooting a small series of pictures and Katarina having shown these pictures to some people in the Swedish fetish scene, Andrea started receiving phone calls and emails from people he didn't know, asking if he could take some pictures of them too, something that could expand Andrea's challenge of turning the images into an art form of its own.

The word spread quickly in the fetish community and Andrea became known for producing beautiful images and for being totally unobtrusive even in the most intimate situations.

Until then whatever happened behind the closed doors of private dungeons and fetish parties was not only taboo but also  meticulously kept as strictly private. People simply loved the way that Andrea was creating stunning images in good taste that would turn fetish from a dirty word to something associated with a certain type of aesthetics.

Andrea Belluso was kept very busy in what up until several months after meeting Katarina was only a personal creative experiment and something that made him change his way of working with light, composition and photography in general.

Andrea has always been known for knowing exactly how his pictures would look like, way before he even set foot in the studio for a certain shoot. This project made him change his mind-set and suddenly he was creating his light according to how each situation would present itself. Each shoot and each situation would have its own lighting, created on the spot as he had the subjects in front of his lens, be it in the studio, in a private dungeon or home, in a dark alley or at a fetish party.

After having built a collection of around 50 images that he felt were of very high level, he contacted his good friend Armando Chitolina, art director for Taschen, Vogue and many other high-profile publishers. When Armando Chitolina saw the first images, he simply told Andrea "Keep shooting and deliver at least 500 pictures of the same caliber, we are making a book!"

Swedish Fetish was born!

Armando Chitolina and Andrea Belluso decided to self-publish and fund the book and produce only a very limited edition of 1.000 copies of the book. All were sold, except 100 copies that Andrea chose to keep for sale at a later date. This later date is now, and the book will never be reproduced as a coffee-table book.

The 100 remaining copies (at the time of writing this) are the last of a beautiful all-black paper book, no white pages, only beautiful pictures, no numbering of the pages or anything else that would distract from the atmosphere created in the images, a book weighing almost 3Kg and with quality binding and premium grade paper and offset printing. Almost no text, except for a short article written by Andrea Belluso about the creation of the book, an article written by a psychologist talking about the link of pain and pleasure and one article written by one of the people portrayed in the book, about her experience of being photographed for this project.

This is your last chance of owning your very own hard copy of the mythical and beautiful book Swedish Fetish by Andrea Belluso.

For those of you that wish to purchase the digital version of the book, you can order your copy here, and why not choose both?